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Tips for Creating the Best Restaurant Menu on Square POS

Creating your menu in Square can seem like a daunting task.

There are a lot of options like Categories, Items, Modifiers, and Variations to consider, but the key is to know what each of these things represents in Square and what it means in your world.

Keeping yourself organized is super important, too, but it doesn’t hurt to check things out and play with the system with mock-up items, just to familiarize yourself. It can all be deleted and you can start from scratch when you feel comfortable with it.

Square Terms


A group of similar items. (i.e. – Burgers, Pasta, Salads, etc.)


Every individually listed item from your menu.  This will likely mirror a menu list, which is organized into grouped sections on your available menu.


If it applies, a variety of the same item, likely in different sizes but not limited to that.  (i.e. – Small, Medium, Large Drink; Half or Whole Salads, Hot or Iced Drinks, etc.)


A group of choices or options customers have for a certain item or group of items.

(i.e. Cook Temp – Rare, Medium, Well; Add Sandwich Toppings – Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions; Cheese Choice – Cheddar, Swiss, American)

Sign-Up and Get Started

Now that you have the basics down, visit to sign up and sign in. It’s time to get your menu set up!

A great tool that you can use if you’ve already organized your menu to a T is to use Square’s import option.  This allows you to simply import your items from an existing spreadsheet directly into Square.  You’ll save time and typing practice if you’ve already done all the prep work this way. Square has some great how-to resources available that you can check out.

Square is mostly organized into 2 groups: Categories and Modifiers.

Items are found in Categories and you can have one or many different variations of the same item.

You’ll likely have Items already separated into category groups, so keep it simple and go with that.  (i.e. Salads, Soups, Burgers, Desserts, etc.)

Photo of iPhone with Square mobile menu on it

It’s also important to consider modifiers when you’re working through your categories and items within.

This can be confusing and can completely get out of hand.

You may end up throwing your hands in the air and consider making modifiers for each item on your menu, but unless you want to create more work for yourself, think about consolidating your modifier groups, when available.

Square is limited to a single level of modifier groups. There isn’t the option for sub-modifiers or for a single modifier to have choices.

Consolidate your modifier groups to help you in the long run. It’s not fun having a million different modifiers to sift through for each item.

You’ll want to make sure that what you’re consolidating actually makes sense to each item.

For instance, you may want to only consolidate modifiers for items within the same category group. Cheese and onions might be acceptable modifiers for both salads and soups, but it’s likely that croutons or olives are meant just for salads.  It’s probably best to make separate modifier groups – one for salads and one for soups even though some options may apply to both.

Mixing modifiers for soup and salad categories can get confusing to you, your staff, and your customers especially if you plan on integrating with mobile app ordering.

The ONE Question to Ask About Your Menu

If you’re still unsure about your menu’s design, image this:

Put your customer behind your counter to order. Without any training or prior experience, can they place their order without your help?

If you’ve organized your menu and options appropriately, your answer will be a resounding YES!

If you figure out the perfect menu or even if it’s still a bit messy, and you’re thinking a mobile app might help your business, reach out to us here at Ordrslip. We’ll help get your menu in order and get you a mobile app that will help you better serve your community.

Onboarding Specialists can help you optimize your menu for both in-house operations and for use with our app.

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