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In-House Delivery

The past few months have completely changed the restaurant industry. Restaurants have been forced to pivot to a take-out model, rethink menu concepts, and innovate creative ways to serve customers. Many restaurants have owners who have chosen to work with third-party delivery apps because they have access to hundreds of users in their area. But recently those same restaurateurs are going back to basics and deciding to bring their delivery in-house.

While third-party delivery apps might make it seem like only they can handle delivery we want to inform you that Ordrslip has made it simple to start in-house delivery.

Setting up Delivery in your Ordrslip app

One of the most important aspects of getting your delivery game on-point is having a deep understanding of how the delivery feature works within your Ordrslip app and admin dashboard. The dashboard allows you to set up locations you wish to offer delivery from, define your delivery radius, and add any delivery fees you want to charge with orders

Once you add the delivery feature to your Ordrslip app, customers can choose between pickup and delivery options and the time they’d wish to receive their order. After confirming their address and placing their order, the order is activated in your kiosk. Find the complete process in our delivery knowledge base article found here.

Adding a Delivery Driver to your Restaurant

As you initially set up your delivery service, your existing staff can be able to coordinate delivery tasks. This all depends on your existing resources. But as your orders start amping up, having a go-to delivery driver will be key to expediting the process.

With delivery drivers, your business needs to foresee any liability issues related to these workers. It’s advised that your employee obtain commercial auto insurance coverage for their vehicle. In addition, many employers offer hired and non-owned vehicle liability insurance for delivery drivers who use their automobile for work. Contact your insurance representative to find the right plan for your business.

Prepping the delivery order

Adding delivery into your restaurant means you will need to establish processes for both in-house and delivery/takeout services, so there will be a need to develop an organized system that is easy for your staff to implement. It’s important to budget time accordingly so you can accommodate for rush moments and keep customer experience top of mind.

Before the order goes out the door, assign delivery prep duties to a detail-oriented employee. Have them properly bag and double-check orders within the kiosk as well as add in any utensils, napkins, condiments, etc. to anticipate customer needs. Have them also be a liaison with the driver so that any issues can be quickly addressed.

Fine-tuning the delivery process

The customer experience should be top of mind from start to finish of the delivery journey. Restaurants should think ahead about the best packaging options that leave food fresh, warm, and mess-free. All drivers should be equipped with insulated delivery bags that keep the food heated and easily organized so the food will not tip over or spill during delivery.

It should be easy for drivers to conveniently pick up orders, so define a spot for delivery orders away from high-traffic areas. Whether it be a counter or shelf, make it easy for your driver to get in and out and make sure orders are clearly labeled to aid the driver. A few seconds lost here and there due to an unorganized pick-up process can cut into your profits and create frustrated customers.

Once orders are out the door, drivers should have a direct line to customers in case any traffic issues or delays. It’s important to log time from start of the order to end and if customers wait longer than necessary that they can be compensated with future discounts. The more customers wait, the less likely they will order from you again, so make sure to keep them informed and valued.

While investing in delivery may take additional work to get off the ground, using the delivery feature will ultimately take back revenue to your restaurant that other apps are currently taking away. To learn more about our delivery feature contact us at info@ and we will give you a free demo of this feature.

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