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The Revue: Building Community Through Mobile Ordering

Coffee shops are sometimes hesitant to set up mobile ordering. They worry that an app will affect their shop’s sense of community. The Revue, a local coffee shop in Fresno, California, proves that mobile ordering apps can actually promote community, not limit it.

Customers looking forward to enjoying coffee from The Revue

After it opened in the summer of 2017, The Revue quickly established itself as a welcoming space for community gatherings, from study groups to friendly catch-ups. In its first few years, The Revue garnered a large local following that would become especially crucial when COVID hit.

As shutdowns came around in March of 2020, The Revue had to reinvent itself to meet the challenges of new regulations. The Revue’s team sprang into action. Soon the shop was open for a to-go model. They offered bottled coffees and teas, accepted contactless payments, and simplified their menu. With such an avid following, The Revue needed an app to meet the to-go demand. 

Bryan Feil, one of The Revue’s owners, admitted that the team was initially weary of getting an app prior to COVID.

With such a strong sense of community at the shop, Feil worried that an app would compromise beverage quality and make the customer experience less personal. However, Feil revealed that in the end the adjustment was easier than he expected.

In fact, The Revue’s new app helped the shop reach its community in a new way.

Customers began ordering ahead for pickup instead of waiting in line. They planned their trips to The Revue by scheduling orders ahead. Loyal customers of The Revue got to see their favorite baristas and pick up their favorite drinks, all in a quick and safe manner.

Meanwhile, The Revue’s mobile ordering system equipped baristas to work efficiently and meet the demand for drinks. The app was a success.

The Revue app

In its first year alone, The Revue’s custom-branded app saw over 1,200 downloads and over 22,000 items ordered. 

It turns out that having an app benefited both the shop and its community.

With their indoor seating now open, the shop is doing regular business with a twist: they’re taking in-person and mobile orders. Now The Revue gives its community the best of both worlds—a place to gather and a place to swing by for a quick, delicious coffee. 

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