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Wait Times

The way we calculate your wait time formula is getting a refresh! Please reach out to our Customer Success team at for more information setting up wait times for your location. 

Let’s get into the technical side!

We’re now including [items in current order] in the formula. Each item that is ordered is also going to be assigned its own time within the current order.

The new calculation is going to be: 
[base wait time] +
( [per order wait time] * [ orders ahead in queue ] ) +
( [per item wait time] * [ items ahead in queue + items in current order ] )

Need an example of how this will work? Below are some example times for your location.

Base Time: 5 min
Per Order Time: 0 min
Per Item Time: 2 min

Your first order of the day comes in with a single item.
[5] + ( [0] * [0] ) + ( [2] * [0+1] )
5 + 0 + 2 = 7
The wait time for this first order will be: 7 mins

Your 2nd order comes in immediately after your first order, with 2 items in the order.

[5] + ( [0] * [1] ) + ( [2] * [1+2] )
5 + 0 + 6 = 11
The wait time for this second order will be: 11 mins

The more items your customers order, the longer it will take for you to complete their order. This updated formula will help with all your orders.

Note: In most cases, you won’t have to use all three options at the same time. This update allows you to use either the order wait time or the item wait time, whichever is best for your location.

If you need assistance in creating the best wait time formula for your locations, please reach out to our Customer Success team at Otherwise, visit our knowledge base to find out more!

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