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Updating Hours on the Admin Dashboard

Sometimes, your restaurant’s location might need a break from your regular hours. Your Admin Dashboard allows for Holiday Hours to adjust the hours for specific dates that might differ from your regular store or pickup hours. 

Adjusting Hours for a Holiday

In the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard, navigate to the location you want to edit. You will see your Store Hours, Pickup Hours, and Delivery Hours (if you offer in-house delivery). Under these hours, you will see a section of Holiday Hours. These hours will override the default hours for the date of the holiday only.

Holiday Hours in Admin Dashboard

Holiday hours is a specific tool used for when your location will be closed or only partially open for a part of a specific date.

You should already have your store hours and pickup hours already set, but if you haven’t done that yet, now is the perfect time. Click “Edit” and select the times for each day you want to open and close the location on the app. Click “Save” and you should see the days and times in the table under Store Hours. Use this same process to set your pickup and/or delivery hours.

For Holiday Hours, make sure you are using these for specific occasions on certain dates. In this example, you can set hours for Thanksgiving. Click “Add Holiday”, choose the date, enter the name of the holiday, and decide what the open status of the location will be. You can select “Closed” or “Open for special hours”. If “closed” is selected, then customers will not be able to place orders on your app for that day. If “open for special hours” is selected, then you can select the adjusted times your store hours, pickup hours, and delivery hours will be on the holiday.

Editing Holiday Hours

Once you are happy with the holiday hours you have set, click “Save”, and your holiday is saved! On the day, your app will reflect the new hours and override the base store/pickup/delivery hours you had originally set.

From here on out, you now know how to adjust your store hours and set up holidays for your location, all in a few simple steps.

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