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How to Use Square Inventory with Your Ordrslip App

We’re excited to announce that you can seamlessly track your inventory between your Square register and your Ordrslip Admin Dashboard.

Here’s how you can get started:

Enable Square Inventory

In your Ordrslip Admin Dashboard, find the section labeled “Enable/Disable Square POS Inventory.” Toggle this section to “Enabled” and you’re all set!

When this feature is enabled, all of your inventory will be managed either in your Square Dashboard or Square Register — not in the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard. While the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard has its own inventory management, you will only use one when tracking your inventory.

Note: If you are planning to enable Square Inventory for the first time, you need to accept new permissions from Square since this is a new integration. This will be the same process if you’ve previously accepted new permissions from Square.

Admin Dashboard Item Availability

You will see some updates to the Item Availability section within each item. If Square Inventory is enabled for a location, you’ll only see the status of “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” for your item, and it will no longer be toggleable for that specific location. By enabling Square Inventory, you are stating that you will be managing item availability and stock in your Square Dashboard or Register.

Admin Dashboard Variations

Variations of an item will now show within Item Availability in the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard. By clicking the dropdown arrow on the left side of the location, variations of an item appear in a table with their stock status.

Order Fulfillment Kiosk (OFK) Item Availability

Just like the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard (if you have Square Inventory enabled), you won’t be able to toggle items in or out of stock in the OFK. You’ll only be able to see the stock status. To adjust the stock status, go to your Square Dashboard or Square POS, or disable Square POS Inventory in the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard.

Note: Stock status only means showing “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” next to the item. Ordrslip will only display this stock status. If you need to know your stock count, you will need to manage this in your Square Dashboard or Square POS.

Best Practices for Square Inventory

Using Square Inventory with your Ordrslip app is a great integration with your Square POS. Maintaining an up-to-date quantity for inventory stock in the Square Dashboard will keep everything consistent. If your inventory isn’t maintained properly, items that aren’t in stock could show as available in your app, or items could be in stock that aren’t showing up in your app.

Should other questions arise, visit our Knowledge Base for more helpful articles.

If you have questions about Square’s item management system, you can find their article here.

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