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Deliver with Postmates

First Steps

To access all of the new features added to your Admin Dashboard, simply navigate to and login to your account. If you aren’t seeing the changes, refresh the browser.

Postmates Workflow

Adding Postmates as a delivery service is simple, easy-to-implement, and will help increase your sales to customers who want their food and drinks delivered right to their door.

Setting up Account and Payment Method

You will first need to create a Postmates Developer account which can be found at this link:

Adding a payment method in Postmates Developer Dashboard

Once you enter in your restaurant information, you will be redirected to the Postmates Dashboard. In order to get the Postmates information we need, you have to enter a payment method so Postmates can charge it once an order is complete. To do this, click on “Add Payment Card”, enter your credit card information, and “Save”. Now that you have entered your credit card information, you will see some different “keys” show up on the screen.

Getting API Keys for Postmates Integration

To set up the Postmates integration in your Admin Dashboard, you need 3 “keys” from the Postmates Dashboard. These will be pasted into the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard when creating a new Postmates integration for your location.

Keys that will be put into the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard

You need the following “keys”:

  • Production Key
  • Customer ID
  • Webhook Secret

Setting Up a New Postmates Integration in Admin Dashboard

To set up a new integration for your app, log into the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard. Navigate to “Integrations” then select “Postmates”. Click “Add New Key” at the top of the page, and a modal will appear with some fields that you will need to add to. 

Setting up a Postmates integration

Follow the steps below to set up the Integration Info in the Postmates integration modal:

  • Make sure that the toggle is set to “Enabled”
  • Copy the Production Key from the Postmates Dashboard and paste it into the API Key field under Integration Info in the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard
  • Copy the Customer ID from Postmates and paste it into the Customer ID field in the Admin Dashboard
  • Copy the Webhook Secret from Postmates and paste it into the Webhook Secret field in the Admin Dashboard

When you are done inputting the keys into the Integration Info section in the Admin Dashboard, it’s time to set a delivery fee and radius, which will be explained in the following section.

Setting Up a Delivery Fee

You can set any delivery fee that the customer will have to pay. For example, if you set your delivery fee for orders to be $4.99, and a customer places a delivery order that is 4 miles away, they will pay the $4.99 that you set, but your restaurant will have to pay the additional fee that Postmates requires. A 4 mile delivery at $8.50 with a customer fee at $4.99, you will pay the difference of $3.51.

Now that you know the set pricing for delivery from Postmates, input the delivery fee you want your customers to pay for a delivery order. The card on file in the Postmates dashboard will be charged after each delivery is complete, so what you pass along to your customers can help offset that cost.

When you are inputting the number for the delivery radius, it’s important to note that if you put “0”, there will be no set radius. This means that your customers can order from wherever they are located, even if it’s a good distance away from your location. If you want a delivery radius of 6 miles away, then Postmates will require a $9.99 delivery fee.

Finally, search for the location you’d like Postmates enabled, then “Save Changes”. There is one more step to do before Postmates is completely set up for your location.

Finding the Webhook URL

Once you “Save Changes” on the modal, the Postmates integration will save and show onto the main table in the Postmates tab. You will see on the screen that there is a Webhook URL that was created when you saved changes to the modal. This URL is important because it allows Postmates to send delivery status updates to Ordrslip.

Copy Webhook URL to put into Postmates Developer Dashboard

You will need to click the “Copy” icon on the right side of the URL to copy this information. This is going to be entered into the Postmates Dashboard. So, go back to the Postmates Developer Dashboard, navigate to the Webhooks tab, and Create a New Webhook. This is where you will enter the URL you copied from the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard, then set for Production, and finally Save.

Now you have officially set up Postmates delivery integration for your location!

Postmates Billing

In case there is a difference between the delivery fee you’d like to set and what Postmates charges for delivery, Postmates will charge the payment method on file after each delivery is complete.

Regardless of the difference in delivery fees you set, you will still be charged for the total amount from deliveries from Postmates. The delivery fee you set in the Admin Dashboard will help cover some of the costs that you will be responsible for.

When a customer has a Postmates delivery order, you will see pending charges to your account with each individual order. If you would like to set up your invoices to be monthly, please visit this link to open a support ticket:

To see an example invoice, visit this link:

Best Practices

Whenever you make a change to the Postmates Integration in the Admin Dashboard, it’s a good idea to hard close your mobile app and reopen it to make sure all the changes have taken effect. These changes will not be visible on the mobile app itself but will happen behind the scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? Contact Postmates customer service for Order Issues, Order Inquiries, Order Status, etc. at this link:

How does a customer get billed for delivery?

You are using Postmates Delivery as a Service (DAAS) which is a white-labeled delivery service. When customers order delivery from your mobile app they will only get billed once from you, they will not see a separate bill from Postmates.

What if my customer wants a refund?

When you refund the entire order it will also refund the delivery fee. So that you do not get charged by Postmates for this delivery you must contact the Postmates Support Team at +1 (866) 570-6466 before your next invoice is complete.

Who pays for Postmates for the delivery?

When a restaurant creates an account with Postmates they are required to add a payment method that will be charged after each delivery is complete.

How do I know an order is a Postmates delivery order?

The customer will see the Postmates Icon next to the delivery details on the app, and you will see the Postmates Icon in the Order Fulfillment Kiosk at the top of the order card.

To see an example of what your customer will see, visit this link.

Should I use the Auto-Accept feature in the Ordrslip Kiosk with Postmates?

Yes! If you would like to use Postmates you MUST have the Auto-Accept feature enabled in the Order Fulfillment Kiosk because Postmates needs to tell their drivers when the order is going to be ready. If you have Auto-Accept disabled, then the Postmates drivers would have to wait for the order to be sent over, which could delay the delivery even more.

I was sent an email from Postmates about my Developer account. What do I do with these instructions they sent?

Ordrslip is the developer in this situation and we already created a process to get you all set up. All you have to do is log into the Postmates Developer Dashboard, set up your payment information, copy the 3 keys to put them into the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard, and input the Webhook URL that Ordrslip creates for you. No other steps are required.

What happens if a user decides to cancel an order? How does the driver get notified?

If a restaurant cancels and refunds an order and a driver has not been picked/requested, the driver will also be canceled. If the driver has already been requested, then the restaurant owner will need to contact Postmates to dispute the fee. For more information, visit this link.

What keys am I supposed to use if my app hasn’t launched into the App Store yet?

If your app hasn’t gone live in the App Store or Google Play, then you would need to use to use the following keys:

  • Sandbox ID (which is above the Production Key)
  • Customer ID
  • Signature Secret

The Sandbox ID will allow you to place “test orders” to Postmates so we can make sure everything is working correctly.

What if I already have a Postmates account and are on their app? Do I still need a developer account?

You should already have access to the Developer section of Postmates, and all you will need to do is copy the existing keys into the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard.

If I am using the Square Register Connection, how will I see that a delivery order was placed?

You will need to use the Order Fulfillment Kiosk to see when delivery orders are placed. If you’re using the Square register, you will only see pickup orders.

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