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Pop-Up Messaging in your Mobile App and Online Ordering

Grabbing your users attention before they place a mobile order just became a reality with the new Ordrslip Pop-up Messaging feature. When users first open the app they will be shown a customized message directly from you!

All you have to do is enable this feature in the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard.

Enabling Pop-Up Messaging

Once you log into the Ordrslip Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Messages tab in the side navigation. From here, click on Pop-Up Messaging. Pop-Up Messages will appear to users the first time they open up your app. First, you will need to enable the Pop-Up Message on the mobile app, online ordering, or both. Once this is enabled, then you can customize the pop-up message. Click on “Edit”, and type the message you want to appear. The first field is for the mobile app, and the second field is for online ordering. This is the perfect place to show a new promotional offer.

Once you have entered the message you want, click Save. Now that you have made the edits you needed, it is important to open your mobile ordering app to make sure the changes are being displayed. When the app loads, the message will appear on the screen.

Ways to Use Pop-Up Messaging

Pop-up messages are perfect for announcing what’s new in your app: like a new item that has been added to your menu, a daily special, the launch of your new rewards program, or to showcase a new feature available in the mobile app. No matter what you want to say, you can now say it while using the new Pop-up now available in your app, powered by Ordrslip.

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