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Overview of the Order Fulfillment Kiosk

Set up is complete and orders are coming in. Time to take a look at the tool that’s going to help you manage and complete all your new orders. Let’s take a look at your Order Fulfillment Kiosk.

Today, we’ll be going over how to manage your mobile orders using the order from a kiosk. This includes reprinting and refunding orders as well as managing your item availability.

To get started in the Order Fulfillment Kiosk, let’s get started on today’s orders. From the Today’s Orders page, you’ll be able to see all orders that have been placed within this 24-hour period. As you can see, one has been placed at 4:49 from Ian Garo for a cheese sandwich. He’s also placed some item instructions for us and chosen a few modifiers from the cheese options. Now, we can either choose to complete this order now or we can take a look at the options page real quick. In the Options page, you’ll be able to get a full view of the order as well as choose if you would like to reprint this order or apply a refund.

On the Refund Order page, you will need to either decide whether you would like to refund the full amount or only a partial part of the order. You also need to type in the full reason to actually apply a refund. Now, when you are ready to complete an order, simply top Complete Order. It’ll ask you if you are really sure if you would like to do this, and then you’ve once tapped Complete Order, it’ll be moved right over to the appropriate screen.

From the Completed Order page, you can select any of your completed orders for that day or select a date to see more options. If we take a look at the one that we just completed, we still have all the options that we had before, whether it’s reprint or apply a refund. And yes, a refund can still be applied from the Completed Orders page.

Now, let’s take a look at the item availability. On the Item Availability page, you have a full list of your items on your app, and you can mark them as either in stock or out of stock with the simple flick of a switch.

With all this, you now have all you need to run and manage your Order Fulfillment Kiosk.

Now for a few best practices. To get the most out of your Order Fulfillment Kiosk, place it in an area that is easily accessible by the rest of your team. Also, ensure that you’re completing each order as they become available for pickup, and always double-check that your item availability represents your inventory accurately. From order fulfillment to item availability, all this can be found in the palm of your hand with the help of Ordrslip.

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