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Order Fulfillment Dashboard

Our New Order Fulfillment Dashboard

We’ve developed this tool to be simple, intuitive and easy for anyone to use. Get familiar with this system to get the most out of your restaurant’s new mobile ordering app.

Restaurant ID

Enter the full name of your restaurant and submit, our system will fetch your restaurant’s unique login page


Enter your email address and password to authenticate yourself before accessing the administrative dashboard.


Select a Location

Once you’re logged in, you can choose the location for which you’ll access the administrative dashboard.


Pending Orders

All the orders for the location you’ve selected that require your attention can be found on the Pending Orders screen. We’ve designed this screen to be simple, straightforward and easy-to-use


Completed Orders

Toggle to the Completed Orders screen to revisit past orders. It’s a snap to access order details and generate daily order reports for specific days in the past


Daily Order Report

Press the Daily Order Report button to generate a printable record of the items sold, gross revenue, net income and taxes collected for the day.


Order Details

Revisit an old order with a printable detail of the entire slip and its unique specifications.


Administrator Dashboard


Listing of all your restaurant locations, with the address, phone number and unique Square location identifier key for each.


Location Settings

Manage each of your individual restaurant location’s store hours, app ordering hours and set special holiday hours.


Holiday Hours

Override your regular hours of operation for holidays or other special circumstances


Kiosk Settings

Input your receipt printer’s IP address, specify how you prefer your receipts cut and choose from a lighter or darker color scheme for your fulfillment dashboard.


Log Out

When you’re ready to log out of the order fulfillment system, tap the profile icon and select ‘Logout’




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