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Online Ordering

Your app has made it to the big screen! That’s right. Today we will be going over the new ordering experience coming to a web browser near you. So, take your seats and grab some popcorn as we go over online ordering.

With online ordering, your customers now have more ways than ever to order from your amazing menu using all the same features of your mobile ordering app. So, let’s jump in and take a look.

So, once your customers click on over to your restaurant’s new online ordering website, they have the choice of selecting which location they would like to order from. From here, they’ll be shown your available menus as well as any other categories in those menus. They will have the option to select an item, add any modifiers to this item, as well as special instructions and the bonus of being able to take a look at your restaurants most popular menu items.

Now on the checkout screen, your customers have a choice to either log out and check out, or to check out as guest. From here, you’ll need to add in your name, a phone number, as well as select the date and time and add in any pickup instructions. After this, you can select which amount of tip you would like to give, and add in any promo codes that you know of. For the last step, they simply need to add in a credit card number and they’re all set.

When you’re ready to get going with your online ordering experience, go ahead and shoot us an email at support@ and we’ll get that going for you.

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