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Mobile: Version 1.5.0

This month, we are excited to be releasing version 1.5.0 for all our restaurant app clients. This will make it easier for app users to navigate through the item modifiers and customize their order. The complete list of changes is listed below.

New UI Designs

We worked tirelessly with a group of talented designers to improve many of our app screens. One of the screens that got the most attention is the Menu Item screen. Our goal was to make it simpler for a user to be able to modify their order. To achieve this simplicity, we made the modifiers in a list form for readability. We also refined every aspect of our current design in order to make the entire app more cohesive.

Global Headers

Do you like to go back in time? Now you can! Well, maybe not back in time, but now you can use the global back button to go back to the previous screen you were on. This will help users navigate through the app and make it easier for them to explore your menu. The new back button is located in the global header which also contains the name of the current screen the user is on.

Faster Loading Time

If you have the need for speed, we have you covered. Users will now be able to order their food much faster, we have optimized the mobile app to increase the loading time of every screen.


UI Revamp and Refresh: Added headers globally

UI Revamp and Refresh: Profile, Register, Card Entry, Update Profile

UI Revamp and Refresh: Updated Modifier list styling

UI Revamp and Refresh: Updated Cart screen UI

Fix: Added back buttons for easy navigation

Fix: Updated Profile screens

Fix: Improved loading times

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