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Kiosk Menu Customization

Want to make a quick edit to your app menu? Go ahead and use the Item Section in your dashboard and edit your menu images, descriptions, or mark something out of stock.


Admin – Items

In the Admin tab of the kiosk you will see Items in the Dashboard sidebar. In Items you will find the menu items for all store locations. Click on the Edit button for the item you wish to update. Note: The menu item you edit will only change in your restaurant’s OrdrSlip app, and will not affect, edit, or change your menu item in your POS. When you re-sync your POS all edits will be changed to what you have in your POS.



After you select the item you want to edit you will be in the Items screen where everything regarding the menu item can be changed. Note that the one thing you cannot change or edit is pricing.



Have you noticed a spelling error? Did you put the wrong description for the incorrect Menu Item? Don’t have time to log in to your Square POS account to correct these problems? Now you can make quick updates on the OrdrSlip dashboard. Add or edit the item description which will display in the item details screen of your OrdrSlip mobile app.



We all have awesome days, there’s those days that everything you do is GOLD! Showcase your best work by updating the image that is displayed in your restaurant’s OrdrSlip mobile app. Take an image with your smartphone phone, DSLR, or tablet and select the image on the Image section of the item you are editing. Save it, and watch your customers admire the amazing food you create.


Display Order

Rearrange the display order of a specific item in a category. Simply update the display order by adding the number in which you want it to display. Example: If you enter “3”, that item will show up as the third menu item on the list for its category.


Item Availability

Your food is popular. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. When a menu item becomes extra popular and you run out earlier than you expect, simply change its availability on the OrdrSlip dashboard. You can change the availability globally or per location.


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