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How To Use Curbside Pickup For Your Custom App

We’re excited to launch Ordrslip’s latest feature, Curbside Pickup! With this new option, your customers will enjoy the convenience of ordering their favorite items without having to leave their car. The best part? We’ve made Curbside Pickup easy for your customers and your staff to use.

In order to utilize Curbside Pickup, your mobile app will need to be on version 2.10.0, OFK will need to be on version 1.12.4, and Admin Dashboard will need to be on version 1.8.5.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Get Started

In your admin dashboard, navigate to Integrations in the side menu, then select Curbside. Click on “Add New”, make sure the feature toggle is enabled, set your minimum order subtotal, and search the location(s) where you’d like curbside enabled. Click “Save” to save the changes.

Current Orders

Track all of your curbside pickup orders through your Order Fulfillment Kiosk (OFK). Here, you’ll find orders that are:

  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • Ready

Click on a particular order for special customer instructions.

Customer Check-In

After a customer places an order, a button on the Thank You page will allow them to check-in once they arrive at your location. The customer should tap the “Check-in for Curbside” button, which will redirect them to tap the “I’m Here” button to let your location know they have arrived.

You’ll get a notification when a customer arrives. If their order isn’t ready yet, you can hit “snooze” until it’s completed.

Ready Orders

Once a customer’s order is ready, you can verify the vehicle information from the order to quickly identify their vehicle and take it out to them. You will see vehicle information (make/model, color, and license plate) on their ticket so you can quickly identify the customer.

Complete Orders

Once you’ve dropped off their order at Curbside Pickup, you can mark the order complete in the OFK.

If you have any questions or need more info on how to navigate Curbside Pickup, we’re here to help!

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