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How to Take Good Photos


DSLR or other hand held cameras are perfect for getting quality shots; but high resolution smart phones will take great photos too!



Do: Use natural lighting to capture your photos; when shooting avoid harsh direct sunlight, opting for light you can diffuse through a window using parchment paper or a white cotton sheet.

Don’t: Take photos in low light or using flash; it will create for unappetizing results


Do: Spend extra time and care in your food presentation; you want to make your food look as appetizing as possible.

Do: Choose a clean table or neutral background for your photography.

Don’t: Leave distracting elements in the photos that take away from your dish.

Don’t: Confuse customers by portraying your food in a way it doesn’t actually appear when served.



Do: Consistently photograph your menu items in a similar style as these photos will appear side by side within the app. Try overhead or straight-on angles to find what works best.

Do: Place food centrally in your frame to make it the emphasis of your photo.

Don’t: Capture your photos at weird angles, slants, or as an extreme close-up.

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