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How to Process Refunds in the Square Dashboard

Hey guys, it’s DJ your client success representative here and today we’re gonna talk about refunds. I know, I know that not a lot of people like to talk about this, but it makes a great deal of difference when you as a business owner can tackle on all these crazy changes that go on in your customers minds.

I hope that while we go through this with the help of our partners at Square that we can make this as simple for you as possible.

So let’s get started.

When you first come on to your login page for your Square dashboard, the things you’re going to want to do are input your username and your password then go ahead and just sign in. Now once this loads in you’ll see that there’s so much more to do in your dashboard than just refunds.

It can actually be a little overwhelming seeing all the awesome statistics and great facts that your dashboard provides, but it’s a little bit easier when you realize that if you look right over here you actually get a great view of all the things you could take a little bit deeper and look at; including your transactions.

From here you could actually go through each and every purchase made in-store or online or through your mobile app, and you can clearly see that we’ve tried our best to mark Ordrslip orders as clearly as possible.

For added simplicity go ahead and just go right up to the top and click courses all payment methods.

From here, you can filter out all of your transactions to just show the ones that come trough Ordrslip by selecting e-commerce integrations.

From here, go ahead and select the purchase you are hoping to refund. In our case it is the one by our co-worker David. Go and click over here and issue refund.

Now once here you can actually select whether you would want to refund a specific item, the whole list of items, or a specific amount. And don’t worry, it does provide you with a great little reminder of how much you’re actually allowed to refund them with the whole purchase. For now, let’s go ahead and just select the maximum.

Now the last step you have in this process is actually selecting a reason. This can help you a ton with either paperwork, making sure that nobody is just refunding friends or anything like that, by making sure that every refund has a purpose. For now, it was just a canceled order so let’s go ahead and issue that refund, and as you can see the request has been issued.

Now you might be thinking, “but the order is still there, how do I know that I am not going to refund it twice.” Well, as you can see the issue refund button is actually been grayed out and you have a quick reminder reminding me that the refund has been pending.

And just like that your refunds are good to go! Not too hard, right?

We hope that with our partners at square that we’ve made this a nice and easy process for you. So that it doesn’t take too much time out of your already busy schedule.

Thank you for your time today and hey it’s time to order lunch.

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