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How to Mark a Menu Item as Out-of-Stock

Your item has run out! It’s the sign of an amazing product, but also a major inconvenience when it happens in the middle of a lunch rush. At one point or another, we all find ourselves with an order to fill, but not the stock to get it done!! Normally, this means having to call people to apologize or having an uncomfortable conversation face to face, but luckily, we here at Ordrslip have a quick solution!

In the Ordrslip Kiosk

When you find yourself in need to mark an item out-of-stock, you can do so without ever having to leave your Ordrslip Kiosk! First, head to your Admin Menu and click on “Items”. When you find the item you are currently out of, go ahead and select it, then scroll to the bottom where you will find the option to make it unavailable. You can also mark if it is unavailable at one or all locations! Just like that, your customers see that this item is currently out of stock and will be unable to add this item to their order.

Step 1: Select a Menu Item

Step 2: Toggle the Item Availability Button

In the Square POS Dashboard

Now, say that something odd happens, and you are unable to access your Ordrslip Kiosk or you prefer to work in your Square Dashboard. No problem! All you will have to do is select the item in question and head to its description. Once there simply add [86] to the items description and save these changes. Once again, your customers will find that item is now marked “Out Of Stock” and is unavailable to order. To restore the item simply remove the [86] and save the changes once more and it will be back to normal!

Step 1: Select a Menu Item

Step 2: Type [86] in the Item Description

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