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Ordrslip Fulfillment Kiosk

High Volume Workflow

Now it’s easy to see your order’s progress every step of the way with the newest features in the Ordrslip Fulfillment Kiosk.

Track Progress

See the Order's Progress
Every Step of the Way


The High Volume Workflow makes it easy to see where each order is in the fulfillment process.

View the Orders

Get a chance to preview all orders before you accept it into the fulfillment process. Easily see if it’s for pickup or delivery with the order description at the top of the order

"Ready" Orders

An in-between stage for orders that have been completed by the restaurant, but haven’t been picked up by the customer, now all in one place

Accepting New Orders

Accept the Orders You Want, When You Want


Ready to switch to accepting orders? With High Volume, you can accept or delay orders when they are placed.

"Pending" Orders

See recently placed orders and either accept them into the queue, delay the order, or cancel the order to issue a refund

Delay Orders Individually

Need 15 minutes to catch up on completing orders before accepting any new orders? Simply delay the order by 10, 15, or 30 minutes, and it will be pushed back in the queue

Knowledge Base

Learn More with Ordrslip Resources


Not sure about something in your app or kiosk? We have just the right resources for you! Our Knowledge Base articles will help you learn about best practices to keep everything running smooth. We have created tons of articles for you to know everything about your Ordrslip app, kiosk, and dashboard.

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