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How to Get Started with Square Loyalty

Say hello to more purchases and more points! Ordrslip’s new Square Loyalty integration allows your customers to earn points on purchases through your custom mobile app. Additionally, this integration allows you to effortlessly manage your customers’ points and rewards, all in one place. Good news: it’s easy to get started.

First Steps

The Square Dashboard where you can find the Loyalty section

In order to enjoy Ordrslip’s Square Loyalty integration, you’ll need a membership with Square Loyalty.  If you already have Square Loyalty, here’s how to integrate it to your Ordrslip account using your Admin Dashboard in five easy steps: 

The Ordrslip Admin Dashboard where you can sync your Square account


Sync POS: In the Admin Dash, press “Sync POS” 


Reauthorize: You will be prompted to reauthorize the sync. Approve the reauthorization. 


Sync: Your sync will begin after you have authorized it.


Navigate to Square Loyalty page: When the sync is complete, click on the Square Loyalty tab in the menu on the left hand side of your screen. 


Enable the feature to turn it on: Press the switch to enable Square Loyalty for yourself and all your customers. 

Congratulations! You’ve turned on Square Loyalty in your Admin Dash! 

Managing Points in Admin Dash or Order Fulfillment Kiosk

With Square Loyalty, it’s easy to sit back, relax, and let your customers earn points for each of their tasty orders. If you ever need to take a more hands-on approach by manually adjusting points for your loyal customers, here’s a how-to:

Click on Users: In the Admin Dash, navigate to Users. If you’re using the Order Fulfillment Kiosk (OFK), tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner. Navigate to Users. 

Adjust points in the Admin Dashboard and OFK

Find User and Adjust Points: Select the user whose Square Loyalty points you would like to change. Click edit. In the Square Loyalty section of the user, find the Loyalty Summary. Click the 3 dots, then Adjust Points.

Add Points: If you want to add points, enter the amount, and select the reason for adding the points. Click Save Changes.

Remove Points: If you want to remove points, click Remove Points, enter the amount, and select the reason for removing the points. Click Save Changes.

Want to learn more about the Square Loyalty program? Check out the Square Loyalty Program Overview and the Get Started Guide.

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