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Fulfillment Area Set-Up

At Ordrslip, we know that after your app is up and running, you’re going to need a well-structured system to receive and manage your orders. This video is going to help walk through your kiosk and printer set-up with the Ordrslip Fulfillment Kiosk.

Tablet and Kiosk Set-Up

ordrslip kiosk app
Ordrslip Kiosk

Let’s start with the Order Fulfillment Kiosk, which can be downloaded and run on any iPad that runs iOS 11 or higher (exception: iPad Mini as they are not compatible), or any other tablet that runs Android 5 or higher. You can buy or use the tablet of your choice, but Ordrslip does offer the Samsung Tab A that can be rented for $25 per month with an optional protection plan of $10 per month.

Once you have your tablet turned on, download the Ordrslip Kiosk app from the App Store and log in with the credentials provided by your Onboarding Representative. After you have downloaded and logged into the Ordrslip Kiosk, it’s time to head to your tablet settings and make sure that your tablet is set to stay awake and not enter sleep mode automatically; we don’t want to miss any important orders while the tablet is in Sleep Mode!

To get started, find your tablet’s settings. If you’re using an iPad, tap on “Display and Brightness”, then “Auto-Lock”. From here, select “Never” and you’re all set!

ipad sleep settings
iPad Sleep Settings

If you are using an Android tablet, you might need to enable Developer Settings and then proceed to select “Never Sleep”. To do this, go into Settings, click “About Device” or “Device Information”, locate the section called “Build Number”, and tap this 7 times. Once Developer Settings are enabled, you should be able to select “Never Sleep” in the “Display and Brightness” section on your tablet. Now, you won’t have to worry about missing a single order!

samsung tab a settings
Samsung Tab A Settings

It’s important that your device is always plugged in to use the “Never Sleep” mode. Unplugging the device will override the “Never Sleep” setting on your tablet and cause it to turn off after 30 minutes or less.

Printer Set-Up

Your tablet is all set up, and it’s finally time to connect our printer. Your Ordrslip Kiosk is tailor-made to work smoothly and effectively with the Star Micronics Tsp650 Thermal Auto-cutter Lan Cloudprnt printer and the set-up is a breeze.

Star Micronics Tsp650 Thermal Auto-cutter Lan Cloudprnt Gray

To connect your Star printer,  plug in the power cord into the back of the printer and then to the wall outlet that is closest to where you will want your printer to be to receive orders. After powering up, connect your printer to your network router via an ethernet cable. Finally, add some paper to print out the IP address that’s needed to establish the connection between your printer and your tablet’s kiosk.

To get your IP address, turn off the printer and turn it on WHILE holding the Feed Button located on the front of the printer. You’ll receive two print-outs from your printer, and the second one will take a bit longer to print due to the printer finding its spot on your internet network. On the second print-out at the bottom, you will see a series of numbers that represent the printer’s IP address. Type this number with the periods in the allocated spot on the tablet in your Ordrslip Kiosk app. To find this, click on the hamburger menu at the top, click Kiosk Settings, and Edit Printer Settings.

ordrslip kiosk settings
Ordrslip Kiosk Settings – IP Address

Best Practices

Once you have your printer’s IP address typed in and saved, it’s time for a test print. Hit the button conveniently tabled “Test Print”. It’s a good idea to try a “test order” through your store’s app as well to make sure it prints from the kiosk and to become familiar with the sound of an order coming through. When an order is placed, a notification sound should play and the printer will automatically print the order. If you don’t hear a sound, check to see if the device volume is turned on (and not on silent mode). If the order doesn’t print, make sure you’ve entered the IP address correctly in the kiosk settings.

Getting your Fulfillment Area completely set up is key to having the mobile ordering process running smoothly. As long as you have your tablet always plugged in, set to Never Sleep, and paper in the printer, your Ordrslip Fulfillment Kiosk and Area will be ready to take orders whenever you are.

For Square Customers:

For Square customers that want to simplify their counter space and would like to opt-out of having an extra tablet to fulfill mobile pickup orders they can now use their existing Square Register to accept and complete orders all in one place. Unfortunately, Delivery orders are not supported through the Square Register, so this is an option for square users offering “Pickup Only” through their Ordrslip app. To learn more about the Square Register Connection visit:

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