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You asked for it, and we delivered! Now OrdrSlip offers delivery as an add on to your restaurant app. Give your customers the option to enjoy your amazing food without having to ever leave the comfort of their home.

Mobile App


After adding Delivery to your OrdrSlip app, your app users will have an updated home screen when they open your restaurant’s app. The user will be able to select Pickup or Delivery as options before they place an order.

Delivery Destination

When placing a location for the delivery you can search for an address, or select your current location.

Delivery Order Summary

In the Order Summary screen confirm that the delivery address is correct and place your order.

Kiosk Dashboard

Enable Delivery

To enable the delivery feature you will have to contact your customer service representative to enable the feature for each location you want to offer in-house delivery. Please contact support@ to start using In-House Delivery.

Admin – Locations

In order to enable or make edits to the Delivery feature go to the Locations settings on the Admin tab. Here you will find all the locations for your restaurant, select the location you want to edit and tap on the edit button.

Delivery Radius

Deliver to your block, maybe to your neighborhood, or your entire city, or the entire state! It is up to you. Select the mile radius you wish to deliver to from the dropdown. Save it. Now only customers within this radius will be able to order for delivery.

Delivery Fee

To set a delivery fee tap on the Edit Delivery Fee button and then choose how you wish to charge for delivery. There are two options for you to choose from a Flat Fee or No Delivery Fee.

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