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Creating and Managing Your Digital Menu

Adding items, managing menus, and updating category images made easy with your Ordrslip dashboard.

So, what is the catalog feature? Well, it’s actually three different features. It’s your items, your categories, and your menus. Today we’ll be walking through how to associate a specific item to a menu, how to update a category image, and how to update an item image and description.

To get started setting up your catalog, go ahead and log into your Ordrslip Admin dashboard. From there, click Catalog on the left-hand side. As you can see, menus, categories, and items pop up. Let’s go ahead and start in items. From the Items page, you have the ability to either sync your items or to edit each individual item available to your Ordrslip app. Once an item has been selected to edit, you can edit the description, the item image, the item display order, and the item availability, whether it be globally or location.

Next would be categories. On the Category page, you are allowed the same liberties to either sync your categories or edit an individual category that is accessed by your app. Last will be Menus. To set up a new menu, simply click Create New Menu, and put the name you would like, and then save. On refresh, you associate pop-up right next to the others. So, go ahead and get started setting up your menu. Click Edit.

From here, you’ll have access to edit the menu name, the item groups available in the menu, the menu hours, and the menu location. Now, for some best practices. Start off … Don’t forget to always sync your items and your categories whenever you make a change to your POS of choice. Secondly, make sure that your menus are named something easy to understand, and something easy to find for your customers. And lastly, always double-check that your menus are set to the proper time, to show off the proper item. And just like that, menu organization and item optimization made easy with the Ordrslip dashboard.

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