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Better Organization with Order Numbers

Efficiency and organization are two qualities we are always looking to improve on here at Ordrslip. Now with our newest update, Order Numbers, we are taking strides to be more efficient than ever. Order numbers will appear anywhere order details can be found and can be used to better organize and track your orders! Customers will also have access to their info number to act as proof of purchase for quicker pickups. Below we have examples of where you can find your order numbers.


For curbside orders the order number will be found directly under the clients name on your order fulfillment kiosk and directly under the order total on mobile devices.


Pickup order on mobile Iphone and Ipad with the order number labeled.
For pickup and delivery orders, the order number will be found under the customer’s phone number on the order fulfillment kiosk and can be found under the order details on mobile.

Orders going forward will be given order numbers which can be used to search for them in your Admin Dashboard. With this next big step in organization and efficiency, we hope to continue to support your team in all your mobile ordering needs.

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