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Streamline Your Take-Out Experience

Looking for ways to make the takeout experience more streamlined in your restaurant?  These helpful tips will make customer service a top priority and reward users for ordering via your Ordrslip app!

Establish a Dedicated Area for Pickup Orders
Create a space that makes it quick for customers to pick up their order on the go. We suggest a special area on your counter -or- a shelf that makes takeout orders a breeze. When creating this pickup zone, it’s best to add easy-to-read signage to the area so customers are immediately directed to the right place. Also, add a sign near the entrance directing people to the pickup area.

For takeout orders, it’s important that the customer can skip the line and grab and go. The app user shouldn’t have to wait in line or create chaos by cutting the line to pick up their food. Having a dedicated space away from the crowd will create better guest flow and make the pickup process hassle-free and happy for all.

Bring even more efficiency to the takeout process
Another way to improve this takeout experience is to add dedicated parking spots for takeout customers. This makes it even easier to get in and out and is a nice perk for ordering via mobile. Consider making “VIP pickup” a talking point for getting more downloads and orders on your Ordrslip app

It’s also important to anticipate the needs of your takeout customers. In the pickup area, make utensils, condiments, napkins, etc. accessible and stocked so they don’t have to go to another area of your restaurant to retrieve these items.

Double Check your Takeout Orders
Have an employee check all orders before going out, not only within the kiosk but also when they are bagged. A process like this can expedite orders so you can avoid having to remake or refund orders. Any mistakes during the takeout process will lead to lost efficiency and increased food costs; it can also lead to dissatisfied customers.

Once customers get their food, it’s so important that they also have a positive experience. Cold or soggy food, spillage, or unsealed takeout boxes will not only leave a mess but also leave customers very frustrated. Make sure to have employees double bag any liquid items, put hot and cold items in separate containers, and check lids to make sure items are secure. Train employees to properly bag the food placing the heaviest containers on the bottom and packing lighter ones on top.

Making the takeout experience efficient will keep customers happy and increase visits to your restaurant. It also will create customer loyalty and positive recommendations for your app and business.

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