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5 Ways to Tackle the Growing Demand for Convenience

Last year illuminated the importance of easy takeout options, and the demand for convenience is only going up. From mobile ordering to takeout, here are our top five solutions for meeting the demand for quick and easy dining.

Online and Mobile Ordering

It’s no secret that digital ordering sets a business apart. With your own website and app, customers can order directly from your restaurant. To enhance customer convenience, get an app that can save customer favorites and payment information so your guests can save even more time when they order.

Drive Thrus

If you’re thinking about adding a drive thru to your establishment, now is the time. Many restaurants are expecting to see continued reliance on drive thrus. Adding this feature to your eatery can increase customer convenience and to-go traffic. 

“Customers love that they can go in [our app] and click their favorites rather than having to order every time.”

-Nicholas, Erly Rush

Pickup Windows

Pickup windows have seen a resurgence in the past year because of their incredible accessibility. Give your customers an easy grab-and-go option by providing a walk-up window where they can place orders and pick up scheduled orders.  


There’s nothing more convenient than ordering food from the couch, to the couch. Reach your local customers by setting up delivery. Utilize your own delivery fleet or equip your digital ordering system with a delivery integration. For flat rate delivery that won’t break the bank, check out Ordrslip’s delivery integrations with Doordash and Postmates.

Curbside Pickup

Lastly, curbside pickup (coming soon to your Ordrslip app) may be the easiest way to leverage your takeout game. Not everyone can build a drive-thru right now, but everyone can utilize their curbs, right? Meet your customers where they are by walking their orders out to their cars. You can arrange for curbside by using phones, your own app, or your website.

Ready to incorporate delivery, curbside pickup, and more? If you’re looking to up your convenience game, Ordrslip is here to help. Connect with an Ordrslip team member to discover how you can elevate your takeout experience. 

This post was written by Christy Hathaway from Ordrslip’s marketing team. You can catch her ordering delivery several times a month.

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