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Make Your Restaurant
Stand Out

Family-owned restaurants can now compete with big chain restaurants. Restaurants large and small are making the necessary change to mobile ordering to evolve with today’s more smartphone-oriented customer. With Ordrslip you can say goodbye to third-party delivery apps and take control of your own restaurant mobile and online ordering.


Mobile App

Use & Promote Your Own Brand


Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates, UberEats charge up to 20% to deliver for you. Take Control today by collecting your own fees, and paying yourself. Not a third-party delivery app.

10% More Orders

Give customers the convenience they want by skipping the line and getting a text when their order is ready.

75% of App Customer Order Again

Your customer's order history is saved, so they can reorder in as little as two taps.

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“At first it was very intimidating, I thought I needed to know how to code, or we had to pay tons of money... but we sat down and it was soo easy! Ordrslip is super friendly and super helpful; they make the process really easy.”


Our System is Easy to Set-Up, and Easy-to-Use


Let Ordrslip help you attract and retain customers by helping your restaurant mobile ordering technology.

Full Onboarding Support

Expert help building your menu and setting up your app just the way you like it.

Custom Menu Creation

All your customers favorites with highly configurable and build-your-own item options

Seamless Point-of-Sale Integration

Importing your existing menu automatically and keeping your transactions in one place. 

Brick & Mortar Integration

Perfectly Integrates with an existing store if you have one. 

Set Your Own Hours

Do you keep holiday hours or have special weekend hours? No Problem. Set your own schedule in advance.

Order Ahead –– Optional

Want customers to order way in advance or same-day? Either way, we have you covered. 


Say Goodbye to
Commission-Based Pricing

Get ready to say hello to higher profit margins. With Ordrslip there are no hidden fees which allows you to keep your hard earned money!

$99 /mo
  • + $1000 one-time setup fee
  • Pay As You Go
  • Order Fulfillment Dashboard
  • Point-of-Sale Integration
  • Unlimited Menu Items
  • Customer Support
  • No Feature

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