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Family owned restaurants can now compete with big chain restaurants. Restaurants large and small are making the necessary change to mobile ordering to evolve with today’s more smartphone-oriented customer. With Ordrslip you can say goodbye to third-party delivery apps and take control of your own restaurant delivery.

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With Ordrslip you can have all the benifits of a mobile ordering app and no commissions per order.

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GrubHub, DoorDash, Eat24, UberEats charge up to 15% to deliver for you.

 Take Control today by collecting your own fees, and paying yourself. Not a third-party delivery app.

Go Where the Guests Are

You know that long lines = lost revenue. People peek in, see the line, and go somewhere else. Now your customers can order ahead and skip the line.

Dine In


51% of diners go out to eat more than once a week. Become their first choice every week.

Take Out


67% of customers who have placed an order online will visit the restaurant more frequently.



Take control of your restaurant experience, including temperature and timeliness of your delivered food.

Netflix and Order In?

The numbers have spoken. More customers are ordering more food, more often and are having it delivered. This is the future of fast-casual food! Get larger ticket sizes and control your delivery costs with your own app.


Ordrslip takes the guesswork out of food ordering. Customers can order at their speed, without waiting in line or the lunch rush. Plus, your team is freed up to spend less time taking orders over the phone and more time helping customers in person.


Our system is easy to set up,
and easy-to-use.

Let Ordrslip help you attract and retain customers by helping your restaurant mobile ordering technology.

Full Onboarding Support

Expert help building your menu and setting up your app just the way you like it.

Custom Menu Creation

All your customers favorites with highly configurable and build-your-own item options

Seamless Point-of-Sale Integration

Importing your existing menu automatically and keeping your transactions in one place. 

Brick & Mortar Integration

Perfectly Integrates with an existing store if you have one. 

Set Your Own Hours

Do you keep holiday hours or have special weekend hours? No Problem. Set your own schedule in advance.

Order Ahead –– Optional

Want customers to order way in advance or same-day? Either way, we have you covered. 


“With Ordrslip, customers can create customized quesadillas, just like when they order at the restaurant. And, the app improves our to-go order accuracy, while also being faster and more efficient than having an employee stand by the phone during the lunch rush. Our mobile app by Ordrslip really sets us apart.”


Watch Your Business Grow

Daily, weekly and monthly performance reports help you understand how your app sales are impacting your bottom line.

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