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Get Gram-Worthy

How to make your restaurant Gram-worthy

With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram isn’t going away anytime soon! It’s time to think about how you can leverage the visual nature of this app and bring a photo-worthy aesthetic to your restaurant. Here are a few tips for incorporating more creative aspects to your store that will have your customers breaking out their phones for an impromptu photo shoot

Catch their Eye with Murals

A hand-painted mural that’s signature to your store can help unify your branding and create a cool vibe where customers will want to stop and pose. Consider getting a local artist to create a striking repeat pattern, a whimsical motif, or a typographic chalkboard wall. Think of ways you can tie in a consistent color pattern, shape, or icon that is repeated throughout your store. This will enhance the overall experience for your customers and have them returning time and again.

All in the Details

These days, the small details can send your business over the top. When picking out drinking glasses, plates, straws, table centerpieces, and napkins, think of how this could translate on camera. So many customers are now snapping their food before they are eating it, so you should consider how your food looks in an overhead flatlay or being held propped in a lifestyle photo. Think of how you can insert your logo into the mix and get even more visual brand recognition in customer feeds!

Also, don’t let the presentation of your food become an afterthought. The prettier your food is displayed, the more it will be snapped. Set styling standards that your whole team can easily implement. Upgrading your silverware to the nicer quality or a unique alternative will also enhance your food, so reconsider going for the cheapest option from your supplier.

Get Playful with your Decor

Have patrons flocking into the store with one to two creative spots that are iconic to your store. One of our faves is neon light quote signage that ties in a tongue-in-cheek saying -or- fun on-brand messaging for your restaurant. Another great option is to install a decorated nook and style it with fun, interchangeable items like succulents, repetitive frames, couches, or quirky items like rotary phones. The more playful the better!

Don’t Forget about the Facade

The outside of your store can be as captivating as the inside. Painting your exterior with bright colors and embracing natural elements can draw in customers instantly. Also think of how you can incorporate your logo in signage outside, whether it’s a custom-built sign or hand-painted.  There’s a lot of opportunities to get creative with your storefront and make it Instagram-worthy.

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A few of these touches in your store are sure to get your more mentions on social media, so be sure to make all your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handle visible throughout the store so customers can easily tag you! Also, get employees to encourage customers to take photos and tag their location and use your custom hashtags.

You don’t have to break the bank to jazz up your space and create an atmosphere that everyone will want to share. It really can enhance your space and create more visibility for your restaurant or coffee shop!

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