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Seamless. Easy.
Built to Last.

Ordrslip takes the guesswork out of food ordering. After all, there’s only a three-letter difference between burger and burrito. Customers can order at their speed, without waiting in line or the lunch rush, and your team is freed up to spend less time taking orders over the phone and more time helping customers in person.

Mobile App

Perfect for Customers


Put your entire menu right in your customer’s pockets with a custom-branded mobile ordering app. Built for iPhone and Android, each app is highlighted with your restaurant’s branding, colors, and photos to create a unique experience.

Custom-Branded Mobile App

Pickup, Curbside, & Delivery

Unlimited Menu Items

In-House Rewards &
Square Loyalty

Customer Feedback

Seamless POS Integration

Postmates & DoorDash
Delivery Integrations

Order History & Favorites

Future Ordering


Branded Website

A Better Experience For All Customers


Reach new customers with a sleek and custom-designed Branded Website, providing a vital digital presence to your restaurant. Manage your app and website through the admin dashboard, creating an all-in-one online ordering system whether your customer is on the web or on-the-go.

Cohesive Branding with App

Links to Download Mobile App

Restaurant Hours

Mobile Responsive Design

Online Ordering

Linked to Your Social Media

Address & Map

Search Engine Optimized

Order Fulfillment Kiosk

Accept Orders In A New Way


Simplify the fulfillment and tracking process of take-out orders, so you can focus on running your restaurant. Our custom kiosk integrates seamlessly with Square and Clover and provides you with valuable data like daily deposits and reporting.

Order Status Workflow

Process Full or Partial Refunds

Printer Connectivity

Manage User Rewards

Accept, Delay, or Cancel Orders

Manage Item &
Modifier Availability

View Future and/or
Completed Orders

Process Mobile Orders
via Square Register

Admin Dashboard

Watch Your Business Grow


We know take-out is just one part of running your restaurant. Control your custom app and much more all from your own Admin Dashboard. Our user-friendly web interface lets you manage all the moving pieces of your app while tracking profits.

Manage App Menu Items

Manage Square Loyalty

Manage Your Branding &
In-App Text

Manage Delivery Integrations

User & Staff Management

Create Promo Codes

Manage In-House
Reward Programs

Broadcast & Pop-Up Messages

Set Custom Hours &
Holiday Hours

Performance Reports

“Ordrslip is a great application that allows our customer to order easily and quickly from their smartphones, without having to wait on hold.”
Dan, Bibi's Bakery & Cafe
“Thank you so much. I have to say, I am so thankful I signed up when I did. Your company is saving my business, and that is not an exaggeration. If I only had online ordering, I don’t think I would be doing as well as we are.”
Rodney, Brio Coffee House
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The numbers have spoken

51% of Diners Go Out to Eat More Than Once a Week


More customers are ordering more food, more often and are having it delivered. This is the future of fast-casual food! Get larger ticket sizes and control your delivery costs with your own app.

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