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Erly Rush’s Custom Mobile App, Coffee, and Convenience

Erly Rush is a trendy coffee shop with mobile ordering capabilities in Muskogee, Oklahoma—a city that sits on the Arkansas River with a population of just 37,000 people. In 2012, Erly Rush opened the doors of its unique and artsy space. Keeping the local community in mind, Erly Rush expanded its service with the opening of a drive-through location and the launch of their new custom mobile app.

The owner of Erly Rush, Nicholas Wilks, has a heart for his community.

When COVID-19 came to his city, Wilks worked around the clock to make sure he could safely serve his community the coffee it loves. He decided to focus in on his most accessible location: the drive-through. Most importantly, Wilks searched for an efficient mobile ordering system that could help him reach his community in a new way.

Originally, Wilks had an outdated ordering system. The system asked customers to enter their name and payment information every time, even if they were returning customers. It was a tedious process. Customers were reluctant to participate. Wilks knew there had to be a streamlined ordering system that would benefit both his customers and his staff. 

Erly Rush partnered with Ordrslip to simplify the ordering process and ramp up Wilks’ business.

Through Erly Rush’s new custom mobile app, coffee customers can create an account that saves their payment methods and favorite orders. The app allows customers to order ahead of time— saving customers time while ordering and picking up their coffee.

After the launch of their mobile app, Erly Rush saw a 40% increase in sales.

With two lanes in their drive-through— one for regular orders and one for mobile orders— Erly Rush’s team noticed their mobile order lane is often busier than the lane for real-time orders.

Erly Rush has been able to preserve its community-centered brand. The shop has expanded its customer base, with 697 app downloads since its launch.

Business has ramped up. [Ordrslip] made it really simple and helped us keep more customers. People love that they can go in the app and click their favorite drink rather than having to order every time. Ordrslip is also convenient for our staff– they see the order pop up and get the order out quickly.”

Erly Rush and Ordrslip are already working on their next project together: a coffee subscription service through Erly Rush’s custom mobile app. With a continued sense of creativity and community, Wilks and the Erly Rush team are expanding both their business and their revenue. 

Erly Rush serving a customer from their drive-thru

If you’re interested in enhancing your coffee shop with a custom mobile app, Ordrslip is here to help. Learn more about what Ordrslip offers here.

This post was written by Christy Hathaway, from Ordrslip’s marketing team. When she’s not writing about local coffee shops, you can find her drinking oat milk lattes at other local coffee shops.

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