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5 in-store tips for marketing your Ordrslip app that won’t cost you money

Sometimes the day to day expenses of your restaurant can add up, and we realize this can make it difficult to find the budget for additional marketing spend. But regardless if you have a budget or not, there are quite a few ways you can create buzz for your Ordslip app without having to spend a dime. Here are some simple ways to utilize your employees and other business tools to get more downloads and increase customer loyalty!

1. Have employees mention the app when ringing up an order or waiting on patrons. You can create some easy prompts for them like, “Oh and if you haven’t heard, for your next visit you can skip the line and checkout if you order using our app. You can download it in the Apple or Google Play store.”

2. Have an employee stand outside the store or at the end of a busy lunch line telling customers about the advantages and process of downloading the app.

3. Record an automated voice message telling customers about the app -or- have employees do a friendly greeting or goodbye informing them about the app when they are finished with the order.

4. Update your menu board or signs to mention the app so it’s something a customer is reminded of every time they order.

5. Print out simple signs using free software like Canva and place them around high traffic areas of the store like the register, line, restroom, front window, and drink station. The more you make your app visible, the more your customer will want to take action to download it!

If you start implementing some of these tactics into your restaurant strategy, expect more people to start talking and sharing your app with their friends and family. In no time, you can expect to see added revenue and new customers walking in your door.

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